Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Arent they cute when they re little? I had the idea of of doing a portrait after seeing the impressionist display at the vancouver art gallery and this is what i ended up with. The other drawings are from earlier this year when I became inspired by some street performers at the PNE. The bejing acrobats were technically amazing, but i also ran into a couple of ozzies who screwed up a bunch of their acts and were bitching each other out, but then managed to pull off an insanely hard trick, namely spinning 6 hullahoops while standing on top of each other. I was impressed.


Sean Covernton said...

Mind flayers are so damn cute when they're young. Before they enslave you to look after the gigantic Mega Brain in a pool of goo anyways.

Jellyjo said...

What is Illithids?

keith wilson said...

They be the squid faced brain eaters from The Underworld. But I ve seen their babies, they re really cute.